Strategy for TA Service Delivery

Pre-Phase: Compile List of qualified Contractors

The Sub-Contractor Manager will work within current real estate development networks to identify and obtain capability statements, list of past projects and references. Companies or individuals without capability statements will be referred to Assistant Project Manager to obtain assistance in creating these documents. For Contractors, who have this information, Sub-Contractor Manager will review experience and contact references to evaluate capabilities for placement on our list of qualified Contractors. This is an ongoing process and at least 2 new service Contractors are expected to be added to the list weekly. New Contractors will be identified via online, public contract search, and neighborhood marketing effort.

Phase 1: Grantee Intake and Interview

At the initial meeting between staff and grantee, the grantee will be asked details about the scope of project, project funding, current contacts/relationships in construction (if any) and project timeline. We will also obtain information about the landlord (if different from the grantee) and any history about the property to be renovated. With this information, RFP’s will be developed and distributed to list of qualified Contractors.

Phase 2: Assist Business Owners Through Selection Process.

The Sub-Contractor Manager will work with grantee to create RFPs for identified projects using a pre-determined template. Once an RFP is released, Contractors (both on the qualified list and within Grantees’ network) will be given up to 2 weeks to respond to the RFP. Depending on the size and scope of the project, if a shorter response time is warranted, it will be communicated to prospective Contractors. Once responses to RFPs are received, Sub-Contractor Manager and Project Manager will work with grantee to make a final selection, develop timeline, notify selected Contractors and assist in contract review. Bids will be evaluated based on costs (30 points), amount of time quoted (30 points), capability (30 points), and past experience (10 points).

Phase 3: Develop and Manage Construction Timeline

Upon acceptance of the project by Contractors, a final timeline will be created by the Project Manager. Further all Contractors will be provided with weekly milestones, compiled with input from Contractor. All Contractors will be required to check in regarding status of weekly milestones. Failure of a Contractor to meet at least 3 milestones, without prior approval, can result in fee penalties (negotiated in final contract with Contractor) or expulsion from project.

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